About Us

D’New Aristocrat Filipino Restaurant is a business that caters to a multicultural clientele throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. Founded on March 2006 at Historic Filipino Town just north of the civic center Los Angeles, it is a family owned and operated business. Their main fares were skillfully prepared specialty Filipino food that made them famous in the Filipino-American community of Los Angeles.

With the global economic downturn looming in 2007, the family made a strategic business decision to move their venture near their home in Panorama City. Thus on May 2007, D’New Aristocrat Restaurant, re-established itself as D’New Aristocrat Filipino Restaurant and Bakery at the corner of Roscoe and Woodman.

At the new location, they developed two new products: their now famous TURON, a crunchy sweet banana roll, and Filipino-style baked chicken and beef empanadas, a delicious meat-filled pastry with a flaky crust. The high demand for these two new products redefined their business to new heights. The family decided to just concentrate on catering their famous Filipino dishes and mass producing their flagship TURON and EMPANADAS for distribution throughout the Greater Los Angeles area and other counties in Southern California. Today, D’New Aristocrat is a very popular Filipino Food catering service and specialty food manufacturer with a long list of clients in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.

As a family owned business, the entire family participates in managing and operating the business. Their business success has made them a household word among the Filipino-American families and the Filipino-American community at-large in the greater Los Angeles area. And, in spite of a struggling economy, D’New Aristocrat and the entire family are a shining example of how a small business could achieve success through vision, persistence, and teamwork.